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The Elephant: Hidden Truths in the Science of Health

Oct 26, 2020

Tune in to today's Q&A episode to get the answer to the title's question and another question which came in and asks, "If most people have just mild symptoms of the corona virus when they get it, wouldn't it be better to just get the virus than to get the vaccine when it's available?" 

Oct 17, 2020

If you've ever wondered why most people over the age of 40 did not grow up with children, in their schools or neighborhoods, who were on the autism spectrum, this is the podcast for you. What is the reason we have an epidemic of autistic children? 1 in 39 children are diagnosed with this condition! Does that alarm...

Oct 12, 2020

Angie had fun visiting with an old friend in today's episode. When Angie was a young mother she met Lili and learned from her wisdom. Angie never forgot the impact Lili had on her even though they lost track of each other. Reunited after 30 years was a great treat! Now you too can glean from Lili allowing her to bless...

Oct 5, 2020

In today's Personal Development episode, Angie shares what she learned from reading the book, Success Intelligence (renamed, Authentic Success) by Robert Holden PhD. When we know who we are, why we're here and where we're going, we are sure to realize all we desire for ourselves and our family! Can you answer those...