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The Elephant: Hidden Truths in the Science of Health

Jun 24, 2024

In today's episode, Angie shares the experience she had while visiting with providers at a doctor's clinic. The doctor asked Angie to present to her staff and others an overview of why sugar-nutrients are critically important for proper immune function. Tune in! 

Jun 17, 2024

Yes, don't gossip, but staying out of other people's business also applies to the expectation you have about how others need to respond to you in any given situation. Tune in today as Alicia shares with us how we can be more proactive with this principle! A great big THANK YOU goes out to Alicia for stepping in to take...

Jun 9, 2024

Larry joins Angie to discuss a question that has come up many times over the years: How do you know which of the 8 sugar-nutrients you are low in and how can you tell when you have enough of them? Larry explains what we have learned in working with many thousands of people over the last two decades. Tune in!

Jun 3, 2024

Larry joins Angie to discuss the 200-page paper from the National Academy of Science published in 2012. This paper documents the incredible science of glycobiology. Larry breaks it down for us in easy-to-understand parts. This episode is part one! Tune in for this critical component of wellness.